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Frequently asked questions covid 19

We are the airline that transforms to meet the challenge during these changing times!


At Viva Air we are already flying national and international flights with all the biosafety protocols certified by ICONTEC.

We are the first airline to obtain the ‘Certified Check-in’ seal and the ‘Biosecurity Operations’ certification, so travel with tranquility, at Viva we take care of you.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the new way of flying during the times of Coronavirus:

1. Should I take the Covid test to fly?

For domestic flights within Colombia you do not need to take Covid tests to travel. However, keep in mind that this information is subject to change.

*Terms and conditions apply.

2. What happens if my Covid test comes out positive?

Keep in mind that, if the test is positive for you or one of the members of your family or travel group, you will not be able to fly, so we will reschedule your flight in accordance with current policies.


3. What should I consider while flying within Colombia?

To facilitate your process at the airport, remember that you must bring:

 -Cedula or passport

-Digital boarding pass on your cell phone (you can check-in online at our website www.vivaair.com)

-Wear a respiratory mask or mask at all times

-Enter and update your data in the app: CoronApp


4. What should I take into account to fly within Peru?

To facilitate your process at the airport, remember that you must bring:

-Passport and/or ID/DNI

-Digital boarding pass on your cell phone (you can check-in online at our website www.vivaair.com).

-Wear a mask and face shield at all times

-Complete the immigration control pre-registration form..


5. What should I take into consideration for my international flight?

At Viva we are here to help and provide guidance to all our passengers, and we are aware that in times of new challenges, with a new way of flying, many doubts may still arise.

Therefore, in order to have everything ready for your international trip to Colombia, Peru or the United States, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations and requirements for entering the different destinations:


Remember that, depending on the country of destination, the requirements may change.

6. How many hours in advance should I arrive at the airport?


We recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance for your domestic flight, as the airport operators will control the entrance to the terminal. For your international flight, we recommend arriving 3 hours before the flight time.


We recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance for your domestic flight, as the airport operators will control the entrance to the terminal. For your international flight, we recommend arriving 4 hours before the flight time.

7. What flexibility do we offer our travelers?

At Viva we work to provide passengers with the best options when traveling, and now with the contingencies caused by Covid-19, while our planes were grounded, we offered travelers two possibilities:

-       For passengers with flights scheduled until November 30, 2020, we offered the possibility to reschedule their trip at no additional cost. The changes can be made to flights until November 30, 2021.

We also offer the possibility of requesting a voucher whose value can be redeemed in the purchase of any of the Viva Air services and fly up until November 30, 2021.


-       Currently and with the restart of our operation in Colombia as of September 1, we do not have the free change policy active and if the traveler wants to make any changes proactively: flight, date, time, route and / or name, such changes have an associated cost (fee for change & rate difference if applicable).

8. Regarding the situation with COVID-19, can I make changes to my tickets?

If as a passenger, Viva give you a Voucher for change or cancellation of your flight, you can redeem it before November 30, 2021.

If proactively as a passenger you want to change your flight that is active, either change for another flight, date, time, route and / or name, this has an associated cost (fee per change & fare difference if applicable) .

Visit: https://www.vivaair.com/pe/es/mi-reserva/damientos

 9. How do I know the code for my reservation?

Visit https://codigoreserva.vivaair.com/


10. What is a Voucher?

This is a document that contains a code for the value of your purchase minus the administrative fee, which you can redeem on the services provided by Viva Air until November 30, 2021.


11. Where can I redeem the Voucher?

You can redeem the Voucher through our website by entering the "My Reservation" section or by calling our Call Center.


12. How do I know my voucher number?

Visit https://codigoreserva.vivaair.com/vouchers  and have your reservation code and document at hand


13. Is there only the voucher option for canceled flights? Can't I change the date of my ticket on the web?

The voucher is the best option so that you can move your flight to date of your choice, or even change the destination until November 30, 2021. It even gives you flexibility to use the amount to purchase any of our additional services.

 14. What will be the value of the Voucher that they give me?

It will be the value for which you have paid less the administrative fee. The airline charges this value for the service of issuing tickets, since the issuance involves the use of reservation systems and other administrative expenses.
In Colombia, article 3 of resolution 3596 of the Civil Aeronautics establishes that the administrative fee is a mandatory, non-refundable charge for the issuance of the ticket. It is separate from the cost of air transportation itself.

15. How can I access the special flights that Viva is making with the authorities to return to my country?

Committed to our passengers and thanks to joint work with authorities from different countries, at Viva we ratify our support for those passengers who were far from home due to the closure of borders due to the spread of Covid-19. To be one of the passengers benefitting from a flight to return home with Viva, you must fill out the following form: https://hfservice.vivaair.com/create_pasajero/

16. What is Viva doing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?

At Viva we have been preparing for months to counteract the effects of Covid-19 and make our airplanes the safest space for your travels, even during times of the pandemic. Furthermore, we are the first airline in the country to obtain the ‘Check in Certified’ biosafety seal awarded by ICONTEC and the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO); which reaffirms Viva as a safe and reliable airline when flying, complying 100% with biosafety protocols.

17. How is the cleaning and cleaning of the airplanes carried out?

We clean the interior of our aircraft daily and at the end of each flight assignment. This includes general cleaning procedures such as evacuating waste, cleaning bathrooms, tables, chairs, rugs, belts, among other components.
We also reinforce the plane's cleanliness with a deep interior cleaning every 15 days, where the cabin of both passengers and pilots is vacuumed and galleys and bathrooms are cleaned, while carpets, tapestries and seats are vacuumed.

18. Why don't you have the middle chair empty?

Our airplanes are the most hygienic means of commercial transport in the world, as we have state-of-the-art aircraft which have air systems in the cabins, equipped with special HEPA filters that completely renew the air every 3 minutes. This air is purified through filters that capture 99.9% of particles and microorganisms. The air you breathe is always clean and recirculates at all times, so the chances of contagion are minimal.

19. How do I know that my flight crew does not have the virus?

Due to internal policies and, in compliance with aeronautical regulations, crews cannot fly if they are sick or show symptoms of respiratory disease. All crew members are subjected to different medical checkups where we implement strategies to maintain their physical and mental health.

20. What service channels are available to help travelers?

At Viva we have several service channels available. Get to know them here:

At Viva we are already flying!


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