Special legal conditions


Due to the internal policies of the Airline which prohibit the carriage of all kinds of weapons and fire arms inside the aircraft, only Passengers under special legal conditions not requiring to be escorted by armed guards and also complying with the following requirements may travel on flights of VIVA AIRLINES PERU S.A.C. – VIVA AIRLINES:

  • The authority in charge of the security of Passengers under special legal conditions sends the Airline a request for his/her transportation at least twenty-four (24) hours before the schedule departure time of the flight as per the Itinerary, so as to make the necessary arrangements within the Airline.
  • The Passenger will be permanently guarded by at least two guards of the authority responsible for their transfer, who must identify themselves to the Airline's personnel before starting the check-in service.
  • Both the Passenger and the guards must pass all the checkpoints and comply with the security/safety requirements established by each airport.
  • The Passenger and the guards are not allowed to carry any weapons, matches, lighters, incapacitating elements, or any other element that may be used as a weapon inside the aircraft.
  • Only 2 passengers will be allowed in legal status per flight.

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