Assistive device

1. Passengers who require specialized medical equipment to maintain their health conditions such as equipment for permanent supply of oxygen. These passengers will be transported fulfilling the following requirements:

  • The airline does not provide oxygen service on its aircraft.
  • On the flights of the Airline, the transportation of oxygen bottles is totally forbidden, both in the passenger cabin and in the hold of the aircraft.

2. Passengers requiring medical oxygen during the flight may travel with a portable oxygen concentrator (“POC”) of the following brands and models authorized by the FAA (check here FAA approved POCs https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/cabin_safety/portable_oxygen/)

3. The aeronautical regulations prohibit the use of other personal oxygen units, including those containing compressed or liquid oxygen, as they are considered dangerous goods.

4. Passengers who need to travel with vital therapeutic equipment must notify Viva Colombia about such situation through the call center, at least twenty-four (24) hours or more in advance. Likewise, they are required to show up at the Airline Check-in module at the airport at least one (1) hour before the flight with a medical certificate stating that such therapeutic equipment must be brought with them (see article 17).

5. The POC will be placed under the seat in front of the Passenger's seat, for this reason, POC maximum measures are 40 cm (height) x 35 cm (width) x 25 cm (depth).

6. A Passenger carrying POC must submit a medical certificate and sign the exemption for the carriage of passengers under special medical conditions form when making the documentation process at the airport, except for all flights to/from the United States.

7. A Passenger carrying a POC must take the following into account:

  • The POC and its batteries must be provided by the Passenger.
  • The Passenger must be of legal age or travel with a companion who is, except for flight to/from the United States.
  • The Passenger must be able to hear the alarms that the POC might transmit, see the alarm indicators companion who can.
  • The Passenger must travel with sufficient batteries with a battery life equivalent to 150% of the flight time scheduled as per the Itinerary. The total batteries include the one installed in the POC, except for flight to/from the United States.
  • The Passenger shall ensure the POC and its batteries are in good condition, free of Damage, and must be packaged as a unit avoiding the contact between them so as to protect them from Damage or short-circuiting, except for flight to/from the United States.
  • Boarding refusal for the breach of the travel conditions does not constitute grounds for an exception in the regulations of the Fare purchased in the trip ticket.
  • Users of POC may not sit down at emergency rows or on any other seat blocking the access of another Passenger to the corridor.
  • The Airline shall not be obligated to provide: Batteries or power for the POC during the flight. Any equipment related to the POC.

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