There are different types of luggage for when you are going to travel, and at Viva we consider that special luggage requires particular care.
For example: boxes, polystyrene or plastic coolers, or packages weighing up to 20 kg and measuring 158 linear centimeters.
Depending on the dimensions and according to its specifications, it can be transported either in the cabin or in the hold of the aircraft.
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So that you know how to travel with your special luggage on Viva

Articles for baby

Travel with your baby on Viva and take everything that is essential for your comfort and that of your little one!
We know that during the flight you will need some things that will help you have a better trip, so if you travel with a baby under 24 months, you can take some useful items in the cabin such as a diaper bag, and it should weigh a maximum of 10 kg while measuring up to 40x35x25 cm.
The baby's stroller will travel in the cargo hold of the plane as checked baggage, but take it easy! This has no additional cost as long as your baby is less than 2 years old..

Orthopedic articles

Assistive medical items like crutches and walkers

You can take them with youin the cabin of the plane. Also, for your convenience, you can check them as luggage at no additional cost. At Viva we will give you all the assistance you need during the trip.

Medical assistance equipment

  • The transport of oxygen cylinders is prohibited, both in the cabin and in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
  • If you require medical oxygen during the flight, you may travel with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) of a model and brand specifically authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For more information you can visit http://1.usa.gov/1MefUvG
  • If you need to travel with vital therapeutic equipment, you must notify the airline of this situation through the call center, at least 24 hours in advance. Likewise, you must show up at the service module at least 1 hour before the flight with a medical certification stating that you need to carry said therapeutic equipment with you.
  • To transport the oxygen concentrator, it is essential to travel with enough batteries to sustain operation for 150% of the time scheduled for the itinerary.


  • It must be delivered to the Viva passenger service counter or the boarding gate to be checked, with its respective label into the cargo hold at no additional cost.
  • The transport of battery-powered wheelchairs is allowed, as long as they do not affect the safety of the flight and their mechanisms are protected against short circuits.
  • If you are traveling with a battery-powered wheelchair, you must present the technical sheet with the wheelchair's specifications on the day of the flight at the airline's passenger service counter
  • Wet or acid batteries are considered dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and cannot be carried by the airline. Batteries must not exceed 300 Wh (watt-hours) or two spares that individually do not exceed 160 Wh.

Over-dimension (large) luggage

If you want to take bags, boxes, or coolers of Styrofoam or plastic, they should weigh no more than 20kg, and their 3 dimensional measurements should add up to no more than 158 linear centimeters.

If the baggage exceeds weight or dimension, there will be an additional charge according to our excess baggage charges

Also, you must accept and sign the Viva limited responsibility wavier, that you will find on the reverse side of your baggage documentation ticket.

Cardboard boxes

You can transport your cardboard box only if it is in good condition. Present it at the airport completely sealed with reinforcements to prevent it from falling apart and mark it with the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Address of your residence.
  • Your phone number.

Bulky Items

In terms of luggage, a bulky item is understood to be any item that is transported without a case or a box. Its material must be resistant so that it does not break during handling in transit. Plastic or garbage bags are not allowed.

Special handling items

These might be items such as household appliances, televisions, sound equipment or similar items and cannot be transported as checked luggage in Viva.

Note: At the counter we verify the status of the luggage packaging before it is dispatched and it cannot be admitted if it presents any type of irregularity.

Items that are not allowed in your special luggage


Are you traveling with special luggage? Add it to your reservation now! Buy low, fly high and always have what you need close at hand.


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