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Have a long trip? Add the 20kg, 25kg or 30kg suitcase to your ticket, travel in the cargo hold. A weekend getaway? Select a 12 kg suitcase that you carry on with you aboard the plane.
The coolest thing about flying with Viva is that all the tickets you buy include a backpack or purse. That is, one (1) personal item -backpack or handbag- measuring no more than 40x35x25 cm that must fit on the plane under the seat in front of you.
Any extra luggage will have an additional cost. But don't worry, we like that you can fly more for less.
#VivaTip: Remember that buying in advance on the web is 4 times cheaper than purchasing at the airport.

Types of Viva luggage

There is a suitcase for every type of traveler and at Viva we know it.
We have different options for you to carry your luggage so you can pack everything you need.
Remember that by adding your luggage directly to your reservation when buying your ticket, you generate savings. Don't wait until you get to the airport!

Backpack or Handbag.

Take 1 backpack or handbag up to 40x35x25 cm at no additional cost. It is included in your ticket! If your piece exceeds measurements or you want to carry more, add luggage at an additional cost.

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Luggage in the cabin.

Take your suitcase on board! You do not have to check your luggage, your 12 kg 55x45x25 cm suitcase travels with you on board the plane. It should fit in the overhead bin.

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Luggage in the hold.

Leave nothing behind! Register and hand over your checked suitcase at the airport counter, before going to the boarding hall. It must weigh up to 20kg, 25kg or 30kg and no more than 158 linear centimeters (sum of the length, width and height). This travels in the cargo hold of the plane.

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Musical instruments

We love music! You can carry your musical instrument in the upper compartments of the aircraft cabin if they do not exceed the measurements. Otherwise, they will have to mark their pace in the cargo hold of the plane.

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Sports equipment.

If you travel with your sports equipment, you can take them in the cabin complying with the measurements and weight. Also, they can play safe in the hold of the plane.

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Special Baggage.

Are you going to travel with boxes or any special luggage? We carry everything you need! Just pay attention to our requirements so they can fly with you.

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Prohibited items

Safety is our middle name! ;) These are the items that cannot be brought on board, get to know them and fly easy!

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Liquids, gels and aerosols

Liquids, gels and sprays can go with you wherever you go, you just have to keep these recommendations in mind so that you do not have problems with your suitcase.

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Lithium batteries

Remember that we always take care of you at every step of your journey. For everyone's safety, you should not pack loose lithium batteries in your checked luggage. Pay attention to the recommendations!

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Baggage management.

If your checked baggage is delayed or damaged, don't worry! We have a solution for everything. Here we show you how we manage it.

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