Transport of liquids, gels or aerosols in your luggage

Only liquids, gels or aerosols that are packed in a transparent and sealable plastic bag (bag size of 1 quart / liter) with a maximum capacity of 3 ounces (90 ml) per container can travel in your carry-on luggage. The bag must be completely closed and sealed, and the containers or containers must fit perfectly inside the bag and be ready to be inspected separately at the security inspection point. You can take the following items with you, but you must declare them at the inspection point if they are not packaged in a sealable plastic bag (1 quart / liter) or contain more than 3 ounces (90 ml):

  • Containers with infant milk (breast milk included) or infant food, if the passenger is traveling with an infant or small child.
  • Medications (liquids, gel or aerosols).
  • Liquids (juice included) or gel for diabetics or other medical needs.
  • Other liquids, gels or aerosols can be carried in checked baggage.
  • Liquids (including drinks), gels or sprays that were purchased in the secure area can be brought into the aircraft cabin.

Permitted and prohibited objects, and transport of liquids in your carry-on luggage

To transport liquids in your carry-on luggage you must bear in mind that you can only carry a total of 1,000 ml and they must be distributed in 100 ml containers that you must carry in a transparent plastic bag with a closure
For travel to or from the United States, if you travel with powdered substances (such as talc, makeup, proteins, among others) in carry-on luggage except substances with a medical prescription and baby formulas, they cannot exceed 350 ml (12 oz) ; otherwise, they will be subject to further inspection at the security inspection point.
If they exceed these sizes, these substances must be carried in checked baggage.
To transport liquids in checked luggage, you may only carry a total of 5 liters and it must be distributed in 1,000 ml containers. All containers must be in a transparent plastic zip-top bag and preferably not glass bottles.

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