The Viva Air Foundation was born in 2018 with the mission of transforming and contributing to the improvement of our society, by helping people in vulnerable situations through training and comprehensive support to improve their social conditions with the aim of promoting the development of their lives in the community.
We are a ‘second floor’ foundation, which means that we work for social, cultural or humanitarian purposes, where we have roles, scope and functions. We do not work directly with the beneficiaries, but through other foundations and partners. We create replicable models and contribute to different projects at the same time. In addition, we monitor and balance each project we support.

Our contribution during Covid-19:

Mónica Gil

CEO Viva Air Foundation

“As a team we continue to maintain a positive attitude oriented towards impacting and changing lives, giving the best of each of ourselves, being very compassionate and understanding that there are many people who may be in very vulnerable conditions. These issues are where foundations, behind great leaders, should be focused.”


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