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Customer Service Plan

On september 3rd between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 m, our customer service email will be out of service. We appreciate you contact us through the Chat Online or Call Center.

Providing our customers with high quality service is our primary goal; therefore, Viva Air has a specific customer service area to directly handle claims, observations, questions, comments and compliments, which should be filed through the following service channels:

Service Channels

Contact us

File your inquiries, complaint, and experiencies clicking here or through our e-mail:

Chat online

Click here to chat with us

Call center

Lima: (51-1) 7050107

Arequipa: (51-5) 4640004

Trujillo: (51-4) 4640003

Chiclayo: (51-7) 4640002

Cusco: (51-8) 4640004

Piura: (51-7) 3640003

Social Networks*



*Social Networks: 

Our social networks are a fast and effective communication channel. Through them, we intend to provide general information on our airline and immediate solutions, as long as internal investigations are not required. Claims requiring investigation must be filed by clicking here.

Our Promise

Our host team is constantly trained so that they will be able to provide all our customers with the best service under the terms and conditions of the airline, set forth in the contract of carriage. For this purpose, the following parameters are considered:

  • Carefully listen to customers and identify their needs and requirements, building a culture of empathy.
  • Provide suitable, timely and permanent information.
  • Have clear and consistent processes and procedures.
  • Provide solutions to the requirements of our passengers under the terms and conditions of the contract of carriage and in accordance with the airline policies, processes and procedures.
  • Be respectful, kind, warm, and use cordial, friendly and approachable language with customers.

Click to open our terms and conditions.

Viva Air Customer Service Plan:

Offering the lowest rate

We’re proud to be the airline that revolutionized air fares in Peru, and thanks to our arrival, rates dropped, boosting the market and providing Peruvians with the opportunity to travel by plane at fair prices. We’ll always offer the lowest rate available through our web page

Providing General Information on Flights, Delays and Cancellations

Viva Air works tirelessly to make sure our flights are always departing according to the itinerary. However, on some occasions, situations arise that force us to reschedule our flights. In such situations, Viva Air is committed to providing all available information related to flights through any of the following communication channels: E-mail, phone, SMS, or directly at the airport. For this purpose, it is very important that our customers provide accurate information at the time of purchase.

On-Time Luggage Delivery

We work hard so that our customers will receive their luggage in good conditions and on time at their destinations. In case of any inconsistencies as to this premise, Viva Air will make every reasonable effort to return mishandled luggage within 24 hours.

In case de luggage mishandled is an additional service and the passenger paid an aditional fee, Viva Air a will refund the ammount paid for the luggage additional service in case this one is mishandled. 

Passengers should report any inconsistencies related to their luggage through the Report on Irregularities with Luggage at the airport. For more information related to delayed, lost or damaged luggage. please refer to our terms and conditions. 

Making Timely Refunds

  • Withdrawal Act

The passenger may desist from his/her trip up to 24 hours before the start thereof, as long as the contract of carriage will originate in Perú. The carrier may withhold up to a 10% of the fare, excluding rates, taxes and administrative fees. The above shall not apply in case of promotional fares. 

  • Cancellations and delays

Refunds will apply when a reservation is affected for any reason caused by our airline, such as: cancellations, rescheduling, delays, security reasons, multiple debits or extra ammount charges. 

Viva Air undertakes to make any relevant refunds within a maximum period stipulated by the airline, once customer has duly filled out and sent the forms assigned for this process. For reservations to or from the United States, passenger is entitled to request full refund within the first 24 hours after purchase, provided that the flight is not within the following 7 calendar days. For that, the deadlines below have been established:

National refund: Payment in 30 calendar days.

International refund: Payment in 30 calendar days.

Reverse payment: Payment in 30 and 40 calendar days.

Cancellations and refunds can be requested through or through the call centerClick to know what Viva Air tickets may be refundable.

Providing Appropriate Assistance to Passengers with Special Needs

Our staff is trained to assist all customers with special needs. For this purpose, it is important that customers indicate, at the time of purchase, what special services/needs will be required. Services offered by Viva Air are available in Annex IX to the terms and conditions. Click here to open our terms and conditions.

Compensation payments in cases of delays or cancellations

Click  to know about compensations offered by Viva Air when delays or cancellations occur.

Providing Appropriate Handling in Overbooking Cases

When a passenger is unable to board the flight for overbooking problems, Viva Air shall relocate passenger on another flight and pay any relevant compensations; click for information on such payments.  

Providing Timely Information on Itinerary Changes Made by Viva Air

When Viva Air becomes aware of a flight delay in advance, the airline shall do everything possible to inform their customers on the schedule change either by phone, SMS or e-mail prior to the flight date. If a customer cannot be reached, our host team at the airport will be available to provide timely and accurate information.

Providing Timely Response to Claims

Viva Air has the following service channels available: write to uscall center, e-mail us at or complete the relevant form at the airport. Viva Air shall respond within 5 working days

Frequent flyer program

Currently we do not have a special plan for frequent travelers.

Customer Protection

Customer experience is very important to Viva Air; therefore, we have some specific customer service processes which should be learned not only by the host team of the airline, but also by our customers.

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