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Payment options

 Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard, Dinners club, American express

You will be able to pay your tickets, changes or additional services using any of the franchises below through the web page, call center or airports.

Pay by cash or online bank

If you prefer to pay by cash, Viva Air offers you the option to pay with Safety Pay. 

Pay in cash or in the agents BCP, BBVA, Interbank, Scotiabank, Caja Trujillo, Caja Tacna, o Kasnet. Pay by internet banking with BCP, BBVA, Interbank, Scotiabank during the next three hours, in the event payment is not made, the reservation will be canceled. If you choose this payment option we will add a surcharge for the administrative fee.

Your travel date should not be within the following 72 hours.

You will have up to 23 hours to make your payment.

The service in the authorized payment points is available from 7:00 until 20:00 every day.

Debit Card

You can make payments through our web page with your Visa debit card. Remember that you should have your account registered to buy online.


Pay your tickets with Paypal, our new payment option. The best thing is that you pay online without entering your credit or debit card info. Make sure you have an account registered to select this option.

If you choose this payment option, consider the following:

Your travel date should not be within the following 72 hours.

You will be redirected to Paypal platform where you must login with a registered account and that’s it!

It is also available for flight/name changes or additional services purchased after paying the reservation.

This service is available only for web purchase.


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