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Viva Air is a unique airline that is always looking for ways to reduce costs and simplify the way to travel, so that customers can purchase tickets in their own way, adding only those services they wish to use.

When purchasing your ticket, it is very important to carefully read our terms and conditions.  However, we would like to give you some tips that will help you when traveling.

Buying your ticket: 

- During the purchasing process, check that data entered are correct and with no errors.
- Carefully read the description of the additional services and adjust them to your needs. Keep in mind that purchasing online can save you over a 50%.
- Click to open our terms and conditions.

Before your trip:

- Keep all travel documents updated and at hand.
- When packing, bring your valuables in you carry-on luggage.
- Review Viva Air luggage policies, we do not want you to incude additional charges at the airport for exceeding size or weight.  If additional luggage is required,  purchase the luggage on board service or the checked luggage service up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Click here to add luggage
- Check-in online and print your boarding pass, if you have no way of doing so, save money by buying the check-in-at-the-airport service by clicking here.
- If traveling with minors, make sure you have the permits and documents in place

At the Airport:

- Remember to bring your print boarding pass or have paid for the check in at the airport service.
- Submit the necessary travel documents. 
- Show up early enough. Remember that for domestic flights, you must show up at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.
- If traveling with checked luggage, remember to go through the customer service module to check it in. Failure to do so and showing up at the boarding lounge with it will have an additional charge.

Arriving at your Destination:

- Do not forget your personal belongings on the aircraft
- If you have checked some luggage, do not forget to pick it up.
- Enjoy your trip!
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