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Accessibility recommendations

Viva Air seeks to provide everybody with access to our web page. 

  1. We offer you an adaptive design, so that you can browse online from any device, whether it is your tablet, your cell phone or your PC.
  2. We are inclusive and think of all the people.  We seek to abide by the W3C international standards.


Our web page works best with the following browsers:

  • IE (8 and up)
  • Firefox / Firebird
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Please note that Cookies must be enabled.

Direct Access

If you have any visual impairment, browsing online will become easier by using your screen reader, which will allow you to access the main content of the web page.

Quick Search

We have put several tools at your disposal, so that you can find the content in an easier and faster manner within our website. 

  • Search bar
  • Site map
  • Browsing guideline of the section you’re in

Display Changing

Changing font size and colors used to display the web page is possible; depending on the browser, there are different steps to do this: 

  1. If using Chrome, click  for all the steps.
  2. If using Internet Explorer, go to Tools-Internet Options-General-Accessibility.  Or you may click  for all the steps.
  3. If using Firefox, go to Tools-Options-Content-Types and Colors.  Or you may click for all the steps.
  4. If using Safari, click for all the steps.

Disable the Visual Design

  1. Safari: Edit-Preferences-Security/Web Content
  2. Firefox: Display-Page Style-Without Style.
  3. Internet Explorer: Page-Style-Without Style
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