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fast lineFast line

Get in a short and fast line to deliver your checked luggage or get your boarding pass.

If you purchased the checked luggage additional service or the check-in at the airport service and don’t like to get in line, we recommend that you buy this service. You’re gonna save time and you’re gonna love it!

For the VivaSuper and VivaMax fares, the fast line service is included.

The price of this service is per passenger and route

Fast Line

Web page 

Call center


Boarding gate

All Zones*

From USD 2.00

From USD 7.00

From USD. 14.00


*Prices for services may change depending on the route.

**All Zones Piura, Iquitos, Tarapoto, Arequipa, Cusco, Lima.
*** For payments in PEN, daily exchange rates applies.

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