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Boxes, packages and coolers

If you purchased the additional Checked Baggage service and wish to carry boxes, packages, styrofoam coolers or plastic coolers, please keep in mind that those will be transported as long as such piece meets the established size and weight requirements (20 kg and 158 linear cm). In case of exceeding such weight or size limits passenger must pay the corresponding ammounts established in optional services fees section, passenger must sign and accept the limited liability form of the airline which is on the back of the bag tag.

  • Cardboard Boxes:will only be accepted if they are in good condition for transport; they should not be broken, wet, and if it's a reused box, it must not have dangerous goods signs (labels.) Boxes must be completely sealed and reinforced both at the bottom and top to prevent the box from going to pieces when lifted. Each box should be marked with the full name, address and phone number of passenger's permanent residence, both inside and outside, so that the box will not be confused with someone else's box. Passenger must ensure that dangerous goods or prohibited materials will not be carried by them in the aircraft. Passenger shall be liable for the packaging and safety of the box in case it's checked, so as to prevent it from opening during the ride in the baggage conveyor belts.
  • Packages:a package is understood to be any package other than a suitcase, being resident, and which does not break during transit handling. 
  • Coolers:Styrofoam or plastic coolers that meet size and weight requirements may be carried as checked baggage; these should be properly sealed for transport. Coolers cannot contain dry or wet ice, and only non-perishable food, dry food, canned food, food requiring no refrigeration may be carried and should be properly packaged.

Please note that the checked baggage service may not be purchased in the Boarding lounge, only through the web page, call center or at the airport counter. If you arrive at the airport with baggage exceeding 12 kg and 55x45x25 cm, it will not be carried with you.

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