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Please remember that Viva Air tickets are non-refundable; however, the following are certain situations where a refund would be applicable:

Refund Types:

Cancellating within 24 hours of booking (flights to/from US): tickets to/from the United States may be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of original booking for a full refund, as long as the flight is booked seven (7) days or more prior to the scheduled departure date.

Retraction act: retracting from the purchase should be exercised through any service channel of the seller, within the forty eight (48) hours following the purchase operation. Retractation may only be exercised at least 8 calendar days or more before, between the moment of the timely exercise thereof and the date provided to start the service for domestic flights. For international flights, the term shall be equal or longer than 15 calendar days.

Withdrawal act: in accordance with the provisions of the RAC numerales y del RAC 3 (Reglamentos Aeronáuticos Colombianos), the passenger may desist from his/her trip up to 24 hours before the start thereof, as long as the contract of carriage will originate in Colombia. The carrier may withhold up to a 10% of the fare, excluding rates, taxes and administrative fees. The above shall not apply in case of promotional fares.

In accordance that our fares are promotionals, when you don’t use your ticket, we will refund only the taxes associated with. It could change depend on the route.

If you buy through a travel agency, and you desist on traveling giving notice to the intermediary who sold you your ticket, it must proceed with the refund of the money once the airline makes available the corresponding amount. The agency must ensure official notification to the airline to complete the payment procedure at the scheduled times. If the refund must be made in favor of the agency, because it made the direct payment of the refund or for any other reason (subject to evaluation), you must prepare a signed letter where you authorize Viva Air to disburse the money to the agency, attaching also documents of who authorizes and who receives the money.

Cancellations and delays: refunds will apply when a reservation is affected for any reason caused  by our airline, such as: cancellations, rescheduling, delays, security reasons, multiple debits or extra ammount charges.

Illness/decease: in case of death of the title holder of the ticket, his/her companion (as long as they have the same itinerary) or relatives (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, spouse) are entitled to request refund.  Such request should be filed within the 30 working days following the scheduled date of the flight. Claim must be made by the title holder of the ticket or an immediate relative. Viva Air may apply penalties to a refund for decease reasons. Click to learn in which cases the refund will apply.

Types of refunds for connecting flights:

a. Retractation: For connecting flights, refund shall be for the entire reservation value, except for the administrative fee. In the event that more than one passenger is under the same reservation, it shall be divided and a refund will be made to the passenger who requests it.
b. Withdrawal: Fractioning a reservation is not allowed, that is, the ticket is considered complete for the origin-destination route including the respective stops (connection points). In this regard, only the refund of money for rates and taxes shall be made. It could change depend on the route.
c. Refund for operational detriment: Refund for origin-destination and for the entire reservation value shall be made. No refund shall be made for a fractional portion of the trip.

Application form to process refunds

Download the form you need, according to the payment option you used when you purchased your ticket,  and fill it out to send it to our customer service team by clicking here

If you paid with any of our payment options, except credit card, download the following form: National transfer.If you want the refund to be made to a different person, you must fill out a letter by clicking here, and attach a copy of the identity card of the authorized person.

If you paid with any of our payment options, except credit card, and you don't have a national account, download the following form: International transferIf you want the refund to be made to a different person, you must fill out a letter by clicking here, and attach a copy of the identity card of the authorized person.

If you paid with credit card to make a reversion to your account download the following form: Credit card reversion

Refunds time:

National refund: We will refund your money to colombian entities. The refund will be effective within thirty (30) days following the date on which the refund was notified.

International refund: will refund the money to foreign financial institutions. Payments within thirty (30) days.

Withdrawal act: We will process the refund to your Credit Card with your banking institution within no more than 40 and 60 days. We are not responsible for the times established by each financial institution.

Who will be refunded?

Viva Air shall refund the money to whoever appears as the holder of the reservation, or if payment was made in cash, refund will be made to the passenger who appears on the reservation. To proceed with a refund to a third party, a letter signed by the owner of the ticket (cardholder or passenger) and a copy of the documents of the person authorizing payment to such third party and of the person who will receive the money are required.

Refunds to minors: if a ticket has been paid in cash and the passenger is a minor, Viva Air refund will be made to either parent.


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