Did you know that most of the electronic devices you use on a daily basis run on lithium batteries? Yes, it is a great invention and that’s why they need greater care when being transported aboard an airplane.
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How to transport lithium batteries?

  • -Before traveling by plane, it is essential that you check the electronic equipment you carry and verify that it is all in normal condition. This helps make your trip and that of the entire crew super safe.
  • Electronic equipment (laptops, cell phones and cameras) that contains lithium batteries must travel with you in the cabin of the plane, they should never be in the cargo hold. It's for everyone's safety.
  • -Lithium batteries do not get along very well with metal objects such as coins and accessories, so you should always place them away from these objects and materials. For example, you can put them in a plastic bag to prevent them from coming into contact with these objects.

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