About Viva Air

Mission- what are we doing?

We are an airline that delivers a consistent and accessible service to our customers, promoting the low cost model in the region with sustainability and efficiency


Vision - What we want to achieve

Be the leading low-cost airline in the region


Purpose- Why do we exist?

Keep the opportunity to fly alive (Viva), generating connectivity and development

Guide behaviors

  • Viva Air is a pioneer group of low-cost carriers in the region, created by Irelandia Aviation, a leading developer of low-cost airlines
  • This year we have added 14 out of 50 new aircraft to our fleet of Airbus A320 that will arrive until 2023.
  • During 2019 we will move more than 6.3 million passengers

As a Group:

More than 3,100 flights per month

Around 40,000 flights a year


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